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Diversity is a long term plan, and it is important to always have it as a goal. Companies are moving towards more diverse workplaces across all industries. This needs to continue rather than ending up as a short-lived trend.

While people made commitments through 2020 and 2021, they will take the actions needed in 2022. Take a look at ways to promote diversity and inclusion.

  1. Continue to Have Flexible Work Hours

Although many companies wanted to return to work this year, it hasn’t been possible. Employees have grown accustomed to the flexible and remote options for work, and this has helped to diversify the workforce in many companies.

It expands the options for talent you can hire, and it eliminates location barriers. You should also try to work with vendors, suppliers, and other companies that promote diversity.

  1. Use Data to Improve Accountability

When you keep data available, you are able to revisit your strategies for improving diversity. You can go back and look at how many people of color were interviewed for jobs, how many made it past the first round, and what percentage receive job offers.

By keeping track of this, you will easily come up with strategies to improve your diversity. You can look at how many people who are underrepresented in society are receiving opportunities at your company. You need to look beyond minorities to include people with disabilities and more.

  1. Reevaluate Your Benefits Packages

Once you have a plan for recruiting and hiring a more diverse workforce, you need a plan for benefits packages that will retain them. For example, when you look at black women, the data shows that they earn 63 cents for each dollar earned by a white male employee. You can use these metrics to bring more equality into pay and benefits.

  1. Listen to Employees’ Suggestions

One of the best ways to improve your policies to create a more diverse and inclusive work environment is by listening to your employees’ suggestions. You can meet with them and ask for feedback, or have a system where they can contribute anonymously. You will learn a lot and gain a deeper understanding of what is lacking.