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Louis DeTitto

Law Enforcement Professional

Louis DeTitto is an experienced professional in the security management field. His expertise lies in providing high-quality security for government officials and sectors as well as for different companies.

Louis DeTitto is an experienced professional in the security management field. His expertise lies in providing high-quality security for government officials and sectors as well as for different companies. 

Louis DeTitto’s Early Career

Louis began his career by following in the footsteps of his relative to become a third-generation Police Officer for the Philadelphia Police Department. Having witnessed this relative’s dedicated service to his community and the well-being of others, Louis felt a strong desire to follow this same career path. He received an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Southwest University in Kenner, LA. Louis DeTitto was a Police Officer for 18 years. In his time as an officer, Louis was assigned to Patrol and later to the SWAT Unit. The Patrol duties included crime prevention, detection, and investigation. Some of Louis’ tasks in the SWAT Unit were to train and evaluate members, provide courtroom security for high-profile cases, and to conduct high-risk warrant service for the Homicide Unit, Narcotics Unit, and violent offenders. 

After spending 15 years in the SWAT Unit, Louis DeTitto became a Detective for the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office. In the five years that he spent in this role, Louis provided assistance for cases and investigations, initiated investigations for fugitive felons, and was the supervisor for arrest and search warrants. These situations tested Louis on multiple occasions, but they grew him to become more skilled in his career field, lending to the overall pursuit of justice and public safety. 

Louis DeTitto is also a graduate of the prestigious F.B.I. National Academy. While attending the academy, Louis focused on a few specific areas of study such as Ethics in Leadership and Security Management. Louis is currently a member of the F.B.I. National Academy Association. He holds these educational endorsements very highly, utilizing them to become a better leader in all aspects of the word. To this day, he still holds these values high and applies them to his current role.

Security Management and Current Roles

After over 20 years with the Philadelphia Police Department, Louis began his career in security management at the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General in Harrisburg, and later Philadelphia. Over the next 12 years, Louis DeTitto held multiple roles such as Special Agent, Supervisory Special Agent, Commander of Special Operations Unit, and Regional Agent in Charge. His biggest role was as the Commander, where he was responsible for multiple types of training, security management, and acting as a liaison for high-profile people. As the Regional Agent in Charge, Louis regularly coordinated with Federal Law Enforcement, FBI, ATF, and the DEA and between the Attorney General’s office, Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office, and the Philadelphia Police Department. These points of contact played important roles in Louis’ career journey, and his dealings with these departments grew him as an effective communicator.

Louis spent a short amount of time at Harvard Solutions as a Security Specialist Contractor before moving to his next role for the Social Security Administration (SSA). Louis DeTitto is a government contractor through the Action Facilities Management at the SSA. In this role, Louis used his expertise in training as the Training Officer Supervisor and Manager of Firearms Coordination. 

In 2019, Louis stepped into the next role in his career, which he still holds to this day. He is currently a Training Manager at Triple Canopy (A Constellis Company). This security and investigations brand is a leading provider of risk management and operational support services to government and commercial clients around the world. Given Louis’ extensive career experience, he is in a pivotal position to train others in his organization to lend to these goals and further the company’s efforts.

The company specialized in a broad range of security-related issues, such as kidnap and response services, high-threat protection, life support, and more. Louis and his team commit themselves to the highest standards of ethics throughout their business operations, world-class training facilities, and communications with their global partners. Louis is proud to call himself a part of this organization which attracts and retains the industry’s most experienced and best-trained professionals.

In 1998, Louis DeTitto also began working with Major League Baseball as the Resident Security Agent. He is still in this role today and is assigned to the Philadelphia Phillies Baseball Club. Louis acts as the liaison between the Office of the Commissioner of Major League Baseball, Baseball Club Owners, and Local Law Enforcement. Some of his tasks include arranging meetings with MLB personnel to discuss and manage identity theft, financial crimes, and child protection. Louis DeTitto is passionate about baseball, which makes his role with the MLB perfect for his career. He is able to utilize his experiences in the police force, as a detective, and in private security while working in this seasonal role. Louis especially enjoys being able to be in the stadium and catching some games throughout the season.

Louis has dedicated his career to ensuring that people are safe in their daily lives. He has assisted in many different cases and provided protection to high-profile people and those that are involved in high-profile cases. Louis DeTitto is an expert in providing safety for those who need it whether it be through private security or one of his roles in public safety. He prides himself on his long 35-year career helping others and reducing crime in his neighborhoods.

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