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Recruiting can sometimes feel like a lot like gambling – the traditional interview process doesn’t always reveal the red flags about a candidate, and top talent can slip through your fingers if they’re not given a practical chance to prove their qualifications for the job. Here are some strategies to attract top talent to your company.


One of the most powerful tools for recruiting quality employees for your business is getting referrals from the employees you already have. Ask your best employees if they know anyone they think would be a good fit for an open position. If you don’t get any good referrals from your employees, you can also ask other local business owners and people in your network.

Make sure that you’re not giving referrals preferential treatment – rather, having a recommendation from someone related to the company should simply be a point in their favor.

Niche Job Sites

The Internet has changed the hiring process completely in the past few decades. It has started to become difficult to stop your job postings from getting lost on generalized websites such as LinkedIn or Indeed. A niche job board can help you connect with candidates who are already interested in your industry, and it will highlight the qualities in their resume and experience that are relevant to your position.

Trial Hiring

If you’ve been struggling to fill a position with a qualified candidate, consider starting with freelance or trial hires to determine whether a worker is the right fit. Hiring a freelancer for a few projects can help you evaluate their skills on the job, rather than just having to rely on their interview and resume for information on how they work.

Before you decide to use this route for hiring, ensure that you’re up to date on the proper business etiquette and rules for this type of trial. If you’re bringing someone on for a project, ensure that you compensate them for their time and contributions even if you decide not to proceed with hiring them.