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Customer Retention

As a business owner, raising the prices of products and services is always a risk of losing customers in the long run, however, there are ways to raise prices while also retaining a loyal base of customers. The process of doing so is not all that complicated, in fact. By following a few simple rules of thumb, you can successfully raise the prices of your products or services without losing any of your valuable customers. The following are 2 simple tips to raising prices while retaining customers.

  1. Tell Customers Why You Are Raising Their Prices

Transparency is an important aspect of maintaining a successful business that values its customers. Whether the reasons for raising your prices pertain to consequences which are out of your control, like nation-wide tariffs or simply decisions based on the logistics of your business, being open with your customers will go a long way. People generally respond better to honesty and positive communication than to surprises concerning how much money they spend on certain things. One of the biggest reasons businesses lose customers is sudden price changes. Avoid coming across as a shady business owner by personally letting your customers know that your prices will be raised before you actually raise them. You want your customers to be aware of any changes which will affect them so that they feel secure trusting your business for their specific needs.

  1. Build Trust Between Your Business and Its Customers

Remaining transparent throughout various transactions and business dilemmas isn’t enough to successfully raise prices while retaining customers. You must also build trust between your business and its customers. If your customers trust your business, as well as the products or services you offer them, they are more likely to remain loyal to your business, despite any changes made to the prices they pay or the money they exchange on your behalf. In order to establish this level of trust, you should not only pursue transparent business practices but also deliver the same standard of quality through every transaction and customer experience. Your products and services should be of the best quality possible, ensuring that your customers are happy and satisfied. Your customer service representatives should come across as happy to help in any situation, whether the customer is irate or easily cooperative. Customer satisfaction is the key to establishing trust within a customer base.