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Professional ruts can make time at work feel unbearable. Work takes up too much of your day for it to become a burden, so here are ways to free yourself from a professional rut and find the happy, fulfilling career that you deserve.

Pinpoint the Source of the Rut

There are many reasons why you may be unhappy at work. Identifying the problem is the first step towards fixing it. You could be burnt out and might need to delegate more tasks. Or, you may be in a field that is unfulfilling and should switch careers. Identifying the source of your problems can provide much-needed clarity, even if it does not lead to an immediate solution.

Research Your Options

Once you know why you are feeling stuck, you can look into your options for breaking out of your rut. If there is an issue with your working conditions, you can adjust your current position to be closer to your dream job. Adjusting your job description or delegating more responsibilities might end your rut. If you need a more drastic change, research career paths that you may be interested in and what qualifications you need to switch careers.

As you are conducting your research, remember that you are not limited to learning from the Internet. Your network can be a valuable resource when deciding to switch careers.

Make a Concrete Plan

Dreaming about a new career or a position that gives you more time to spend at home is not enough. Creating a detailed plan with actionable steps will help you take action.

Your plan will differ depending on the career goals you’ve developed. You may add researching new careers to your to-do list or registering for a night course that lets you get the certification you always wanted. Whatever your goals are, a list will help them appear more manageable.

Most people want their jobs to be fulfilling, which is why professional ruts are so frustrating. Luckily, they are not permanent and these tips can help you break free.