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Leadership is one of the most important components of a successful company. Powerhouses such as Tesla, Google, and Procter and Gamble have distinct styles of leadership emerging from within, and it significantly affects the way that their companies run. It’s important to determine what type of leadership style will benefit your business the most. Here are some strategies to figure out what type of leader your company produces. 

Pay Attention to Who’s Leaving

While it might seem like a strange place to start, paying attention to who’s quitting or getting fired can tell you a lot about what leadership skills matter in your business. If employees are leaving because they’re uncomfortable with being pushed to think outside of the box, then you know that the leaders coming out of your company have a capacity for doing that. 

Foster the Leaders You Have

If you’re satisfied with the type of leadership that your company is producing, it’s important to protect those leaders and have them assist you in training others. Monitor the patterns of your company, and conduct interviews with employees that you’ve noticed getting things done. 

Once you’ve identified effective leaders within your company, consider implementing a membership program so that they can teach the same practices to the next generation of leaders. People retire or advance in their careers, and you want your style to continue to grow within your company.

Leadership is a company’s most important internal asset, and you should be investing in it whenever you can. Sending promising leaders to workshops and summits can help them develop their skills and learn new techniques from other leaders, strengthening your company’s internal leadership style in the process.

Remember the Context

Every company is different, and it’s important to take the context of your industry and company culture when you’re searching for your ideal leadership style. Focus on rewarding methods and practices that are working for you, rather than copying your competitors.