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Everyone has different ideas of what being a good leader is, but there are some ideas that simply aren’t the case. They are myths that come from stereotypes of what it means.

The problem is that there are many good leaders who don’t fit into these molds. This causes other types of leaders to be passed up. Take a look at some leadership myths.

The Position Makes You a Leader

One myth is that people believe that being in a leadership role makes them a leader. The problem is that leadership is about qualities that a person has, so it can be achieved in any role.

Leadership is the ability to manage projects or groups, and having the right position doesn’t automatically give you these skills. Remember that leadership is the qualities someone has, not their job title.

If People Are Unhappy, They Will Complain

People also believe that when people don’t complain, they are happy. The reality is that this isn’t the case. A good leader takes a team that appears happy and asks for feedback.

They want both positive and negative feedback so that they are able to gain insights from the team. A good leader provides these opportunities because many people won’t speak their minds otherwise.

You Can Lead Everyone the Same Way

Another leadership myth is thinking that you can lead everyone the same way. There are certain styles of leadership that may work with one team, but it may not work for another.

The key is understanding that being a leader means that you have the ability to motivate all different kinds of people. A good leader can help everyone enjoy their job and do it effectively.

All Leaders Are Extroverts

Many people believe that all leaders are extroverts, but this simply isn’t the case. While many leaders are outgoing, confident, and social, others are quiet and work through issues by looking for feedback from the team.

You may consider your position independently and come back to the team to further discuss it. Being quiet and introspective doesn’t mean that you can’t be a great leader.