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Many people have learned a lot about augmented reality, where the virtual world joins the real world. You may have seen people playing Minecraft in the kitchen or catching virtual Pokemon in the real world. This is a step that shows everyone the potential that AR holds, and it is starting to be used in business.

AR in Enterprise and Commercial Applications

Microsoft has put out a type of Ar called Mixed Reality (MR). There are a number of companies that use the technology, including Volvo and Stryker Communications. They can benefit industries including real estate by bringing open houses or design consultations into the augmented reality world.

AR in Healthcare

One of the primary benefits of AAR is that it can increase access to people who are too far away. It allows experiences to be brought to the patient when the patients can’t make it to the healthcare experts.

One app called Proximie lets surgeons attend an operation virtually and help mark up the patient or provide guidance to those in the room. Another way physicians can use AR is by providing experiences for children who are getting shots to reduce their anxiety.

AR in Consumer Retail

When it comes to shopping, many purchases start with searches online and end with the purchase at the physical store. AR can improve the time between research and purchase by choosing an item you want and looking for stores that stock it. It can provide an Internet of places for shoppers around the world.

How to Use AR

If your business is interested in using AR, there are three qualities to focus on. Start by keeping it simple. AR is still new to the majority of people, and you could lose them if you create an experience that is overly complex.

You should use AR to solve simple problems. You should also try to use it as an extension of natural experiences. If you move too far away from reality, the experience will be lost. Let virtual reality deal with those experiences, and let AR be an extension of the natural world.