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Burnout is one of the most common problems plaguing modern workplaces. While you might assume that burnout only happens when you’re outright abusing your employees, it’s a lot more endemic than it seems. Recent data suggests that up to 70% of employees in today’s workplaces are experiencing symptoms of burnout, which can affect their productivity and even their likelihood to quit. 

What Causes Burnout?

Burnout is the common term for a series of symptoms. According to the WHO, signs of employee burnout include: 

  • Feelings of exhaustion or depletion of energy
  • Mental distance, negative feelings, or cynical views of one’s job
  • Reduced efficiency or productivity in the workplace

The most common cause of these effects is a workload that is overwhelming, but it can also be caused by emotional exhaustion or mental strain. Feelings of being taken advantage of by their employer or having their contributions dismissed are common experiences that can quickly lead to burnout. 

Dealing with Employee Burnout

The health and comfort of your employees should be your top priority – these factors directly affect their productivity and creative potential, which can have long-lasting effects on your business.

One of the best ways to prevent your employees from burning out is to take their mental health seriously. While it’s illegal to penalize employees for their mental state and some might find detailed evaluations invasive, you can still teach people how to cope with what they might be dealing with and attempt to improve their general well-being.

You should also be considerate of the pressure that you place on your employees – padding your bottom line should not come at the cost of their mental and physical health. Make sure that you communicate with your employees as much as possible and avoid piling too much work on them. 

It’s also important to recognize the work that your employees do and provide rewards to keep them feeling motivated and appreciated. If your employees feel like you’re taking advantage of them, they’re highly likely to burn out.