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Starting a business is like choosing a pickup basketball team – you have to build your team from scratch, you only have a limited number of picks, and you’d better make them count.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the positions that are most important for startup businesses to hire at the start.

  1. Chief Executive Officer

Every ship needs a captain, every team needs a head coach, and every business needs a CEO. As with those other positions, your CEO will determine the direction your business will take. It is essential to choose a CEO who matches your conception for your company’s direction and values. Experience is also a huge plus.

  1. Product Manager

Just as you need a CEO to draw up a battle plan, you need a project manager to direct the troops in the trenches. Project managers are the ones who lead teams and make your business ideas a reality. It is essential that they have good organizational and conflict resolution skills and understand how to maximize the talents of their team. 

  1. Technology Chief

Given the prominence of technology today, it’s essential to have someone on your staff who can sort all of that out for your team. You probably want to get an IT specialist who can handle your website and any other Internet, app, and programming-related work.

  1. Chief Financial Officer

Once your company starts turning a profit, you’ll need someone to help you balance the books and decide what to do next. A CFO can help keep your accounting, tax situation, and ensure that your finances remain in good shape.

  1. Customer Service Head

The first point of contact your customers will have with your company is likely to be some member of your customer service staff. You won’t get a second chance at a first impression, so you need to ensure these first interactions are positive, and that any questions customers may have are handled in a polite and professional manner. Having a strong customer service head can ensure that your customer service is excellent from the start, which in turn can help breed the word of mouth your company needs to succeed.

Each of these positions are essential cornerstones to hire early in the life of a young and growing company.