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The first day of your new job as a manager is not the time to make rookie mistakes. The last thing you want to do is give your boss a reason to regret hiring you, and you may inadvertently do just that if you’re not careful. Even if you have a solid track record in your field, this is a new role and it will take some time to adjust. You want to make a great impression from day one.

Here are four rookie mistakes that every new manager should avoid so that they can start on the right foot and create a good impression with their boss and those that they oversee.

  1. Developing New Policies Unnecessarily

One of the biggest rookie mistakes that new managers can make is developing new policies for their team. Avoid developing new policies at the beginning of your tenure, and you’ll gain a better perspective on how to actually make changes for the sake of improvement.

  1. Leading Hypocritically

If you don’t want to be criticized or undermined, then don’t lead hypocritically. It’s easy to say that you should hold people accountable for their actions at work, but do you actually do it? If not, why not? If so, how do you go about it? As the new manager, you are expected to set the tone for honesty and integrity in the team.

  1. Trying to Fix What Isn’t Broken

If you really do have a good reason to want to make a change, go ahead and try it out, but if you’re trying to make a splash, it may be wiser to wait until you have some experience.

  1. Not Listening Closely to Those You Manage

It’s all about communication. When people come to you with a problem, the best thing you can do is listen carefully and patiently to get a clear understanding of what the issue is. If you don’t, you risk being dismissive and sending them the message that what they have to say isn’t important.

By avoiding these rookie mistakes, you will create a great first impression, which should lead to better overall relationships with those under your supervision.