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Finding proper leadership in a business is an ongoing challenge. Proper leadership has proven to be an invaluable commodity but developing that leadership has proven to be easier said than done. Businesses need strong leadership more now than ever before.

So, how can businesses work to build those leaders? Well, there are a variety of activities and even games that developing leaders can make use of to grow their skills. Here are just a few of those activities and games.

Maneuver the Minefield

In this game, one person is blindfolded. Then, there is a “minefield” or obstacle course around them. There are limited words that those around them can say that help to direct them through the course. It might be just four words such as right, left, backward, and forward.

The goal here is to guide the person through the minefield without issue. The goal is to develop proper communication skills. Even more so, it is about developing that ever-elusive trait that great leadership inspires: trust.

Pass the Hoop

In this game, you have a group standing in a circle holding hands. One person starts with a hula hoop around their arm and has to try to pass it to the person next to them without breaking the link in the chain.

The goal here is to get people working together in unison. It also involves proper communication and problem-solving. Both are true essentials for building quality leadership and an effective relationship between leaders and employees.

Stand up

This one is a simpler game that requires no extra props. All you need are two people, both of whom are sitting on the floor. They face each other with the soles of their feet pushed together while hands are held. The goal is to get both to stand up at the same time.

This is another exercise that works to develop trust and teamwork, while also introducing collaboration and problem-solving. It can be a truly effective leadership development skill that aids in the growth of leadership.